Cold Agglutinin Disease.  Also often abbreviated as CAD or CAgD.  
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If you are finding us.  You must suspect, know, or have been advised, you have   Cold Agglutinin Disease.   We will often use the abbreviation of CAD, within our documentation and associated social media.

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I was Just informed I have “CAD” – Now what?

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Cold Agglutinin Disease is a rare type of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  A disease that causes the body’s own Immune System to attack and destroy its own Red Blood Cells.  This destruction of Red Blood Cells is accelerated when an affected person’s body or blood, is exposed to cooler or cold temperatures.

In addition to temperature being a prime concern.  Affected people tend to have a lower immune system in general.  Their Red Blood Counts (Production & Destruction) are further impacted by other common viruses.  

Additionally, evidence indicates some cases of CAD are a precursor, or an indicator, of other underlying issues.  Issues that may reveal themselves in the future in the form of other identifiable diseases.

Its estimated [2021] that only 16 in 1,000,000 are affected by CAD to some degree.

Some cases of CAD are temporary. 

Evidence for one common source, points to bacterial Mycoplasma  infections.   This type of infection seems to be responsible for some life long issues of CAD.  Though not all cases of CAD are associated with this type of infection.  Nor is this type of infection the only source.

CAD Info constantly changes.  Research continues.

We try to maintain this information in layman terms only.  Even technical information we may receive from the medical community.   We really encourage medical professionals to overly simplify any complex technical data they may submit to us.

This site content is informational and for support only.  At no time should any of this information be substituted or used in place of Professional Medical Advice.   See your doctor(s) for valid advice.

I was just informed I have Cold Agglutinin Disease. Now What?!

Not to be confused with CAD that also stands for Coronary Artery Disease.  Using the abbreviated term in some medical professional situations like an Emergency Room may be a problem.  Using just the CAD abbreviation can actually cause some confusion if you don’t go on to clarify.

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