ANA (antinuclear antibodies)

There is an associated blood test that can be done.

Your Immune System normally creates specific Antibodies to fight a whole host of infections.  These are normally found in the body and are beneficial.

“Antinuclear Antibodies”, to keep it simple, are basically the opposite.  They often attack your own body.  Specifically attacking at a cellular level, the Cell’s Nucleus,

In many cases, but not in all cases, a “Positive” ANA test means your Immune system is attacking something in your body.  (Autoimmune Response).

This test is often ordered when an Autoimmune disease such as Lupas, Rheumatoid Arthritis/RA, etc., is suspected, or needs to be eliminated, for some other diagnosis.  This test cannot detect a specific disease.   But can rule out some possible diseases.

Further testing may be necessary for specific “Antinuclear Antibodies”.