There are different types of Anemia.  Most fall under these 4 categories even though they may be known by a long list of other names.  It is possible that patients dealing with anemia, are impacted by more than one category.  Multiple approaches to treatment might be necessary.

– Retic / Reticulocyte Count is low.  Bone Marrow is not producing Red Blood Cells fast enough.

Hemolytic – Retic / Reticulocyte Count is high.  Something is destroying Red Blood cells ahead of their normal 3 to 4 month life span.  The Bone Marrow is working overtime attempting to replace them.

CADs fall into this category.  Since the destruction of the Red Blood Cells is triggered by the Immune system, CAD is more specifically categorized as Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.

Iron Deficiency – A low Retic / Reticulocyte Count could indicate this when the body doesn’t have enough iron to make Red Blood Cells.

Pernicious – Low Retic / Reticulocyte Count.  Could indicate the body doesn’t have enough Vitamin B12 to produce new Red Blood Cells fast enough.

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