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Date 11/19/16
Subject: Strong Cold Agglutinin for
(omitted patient name)

The CBC for (omitted patient name) will require special handling. Tube must be prewarmed using infant heel warmers and tube needs to be kept warm after collection and delivery straight to the lab.

Heme tech: Put CBC tube in 37 degree heat block. Have blood Bank put saline in 37 degree water bath for 1 hour. Perform plasma replacement technique on separate CBC tube with prewarmed saline. Return to CBC tube to 37 degree heat block for 1 hour. Run well mixed tube on hematology analyzer in manual mode, do not allow results to autoverify.

Report results with documentation of steps taken. Report whether hemolysis is observed in the supernatant while processing.

A Copy of these Written Instructions must accompany tube to lab department.

Thank You

(Omitted Lab Manager Name & Facility)