C3 Blood Protein

C3 is a protein in your blood.  There are a series of C proteins that are part of your “Complement System” Which is part of your Immune system that helps kill bacteria and viruses, that cause disease.

C3 is the most abundant and important protein in your Complement System.

CAD related. The Coombs Direct Test or DAT test, which stands for Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT).  The test looks at IgG and C3.  If C3 is found on the Red Blood Cell Membrane, Agglutination will occur.

With CAD, you typically see a negative (or weak) IgG, and a positive C3 result on the Coombs test.

Your provider may order a test called a Total Complement activity test, (CH50),  This test provides results on all 9 components of the Complement System, C1 through C9.

See your PCP or Hematologist, for interpretation of any of the test results.  They are used in conjunction with other test results to draw a conclusion.  Do not interpret a single result as meaning anything conclusive.