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Those of you with CAD.  That have found a doctor that seems to be proficient treating CAD, Communicates your tests result comprehensively to you.  Competent treating your CAD.  Please fill out our form.

The doctor data will be compiled into a data base by City, State, Country.   All in an effort to help those new to CAD.  Those that are desperately searching in their local area for a CAD competent Dr.   Please do not submit doctors that you have little to no confidence in.

Once this data begins to be compiled a list will appear on an appropriately linked webpage we are building.

Filling out your email address is optional in case we want additional information from you.  We do not share, sell, or otherwise use your email information for any other purpose.  If you are concerned you can review our detailed PRIVACY POLICY.

We do require something inputted into your name entry box.  This is also never shared.  It is used to make sure we are not flooded by a bunch of spam entries.  If you are not comfortable using your real name…at least enter something.  If we are in doubt, can’t find a match on our associated Facebook CAD Group.  Your entry may or may not be added to the doctor database.  Especially in times we may feel we are being hit with robot type entries.

If you have any suggestions concerning better collection of this data, or added fields, etc.   Please email us using our CONTACT US Link.

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