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The below info is more about general news updates concerning COVID.

UPDATE 12/28/201
We are going to start gathering info on COVID treatment to aid CADs in both pre-Covid preventatives, as well as options once testing positive with symptoms.   Info, approvals, side effects, cautions, etc. are all fluid as preventatives and remedies continue to develop as Covid itself mutates.

* Masks, social distancing, and proper hygiene, are your first line of defense.
* Proper recommended doses and boosters of vaccine create antibodies
* Long Acting Antibodies may be needed in those not not creating antibodies

Vaccines depend on the body to create an immune response, then produce needed antibodies.

Lab made Antibodies are long lasting and act as a substitute for vaccine stimulated and produced immune system antibodies.    Especially when a patients own immune system is unable to mount a immune response to a vaccination.

These lab made antibodies can either be produced to enhance, or mimic, an immune system response.

What are Monoclonal Antibodies?
Monoclonal Antibodies are lab created antibodies. Clones of specific and unique white blood cells.  All clones can be traced back to the original cell.  They bind to only one epitope, which is the part of the antigen the cloned antibody recognizes.

Unlike a Polyclonal Antibody, that will bind to  multiple epitopes.

Sotrovimab – Has been shown effective against the latest Covid variant Omicron.  This is a Monoclonal Antibody.


UPDATE 6/11/2021

Many are asking on our social media about Covid, and also the Covid vaccinations.

First we want to stress that each and every CAD patient needs to take their directions, concerning Covid and the vaccinations, from their own personal doctor.  Many CADs have multiple medical issues.  This directions should only come from the doctor treating you.

In general, the consensus of most the the CADs responding within our membership.  They have been told, or assume, getting Covid on top of having CAD.  Will only make matters worse.  Therefore most are weighing that increased risk, and getting vaccinated.

It appears that CADs are not being given any single manufacture type of vaccination.  Just like the general public some CADS are getting Pfizer.  While others are getting Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

In the case of my wife, she was specifically told to get Pfizer by her Oncologist.

Reports of reactions or not, seem to be following the general public too.

What about getting tested after being vaccinated (Covid Antibodies)?

This is a blood test.  Not the nose swab or other testing that picks up “active” Covid.

There seems to be vague information on this.  We are reading articles that some suggest this might be a good idea.   Especially before you venture out thinking you are fully vaccinated and protected to some degree.

Even more critical perhaps, for those taking recent immunotherapy or chemo treatments?  Either before, during, or after being vaccinated. There is a real concern about recent Rituxan, or Rituxan combo treatments.  Or other immunotherapy treatments.  Some treatments may interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccinations?

Some CADs have indicated their doctors have suggested this testing.  Others are indication they are taking it upon themselves to request their Dr do follow-up testing.  Testing for Convalescent Antibodies.   To see if the Covid vaccinations have effectively created a Covid antibodies…..and defense.  But this is all too soon to know at this point, what is specific for a CAD?

To date we have little feedback back from any of our social media members.   We would like to know the following if you do such an Antibody test.

1.  Did your Dr order this?  Or did you request your doctor to test you?

2. How many days between last vaccination and a follow-up Antibody Test?
3. Did you test Positive or Negative for Covid Antibodies?
4. Did you have any chemo/immunotherapy shortly before, during, or after being vaccinated?
5. If yes to #4 list:
   a. Date(s) of your vaccinations 
   b. Which version of the vaccination were you given?
   c. What chemo/immunotherapy pharmaceuticals were you given
   d. Dates of your chemo/immunotherapy sessions

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Update 12/13/2020 (Older Info)

There is much disinformation floating around  about Covid, and the Covid Vaccine.  Disinformation having to do with vaccines in general have resurfaced around this Covid subject.

Many CADs are inquiring on our Social Media as to whether it is safe for a CAD to take the Covid Vaccine?  When can it be taken?  Should it be given differently to a CAD?  As we get more verifiable information specific to CADs, we will edit this page.

Our opinion is you should not search for your answers, via social media!

Most CADs are already under the care of a medical professional.  In many cases a Hematologist.  You need to get your direction and information directly from your own personal doctor.  You Dr typically should be the most informed with the latest and greatest that comes down from the CDC or other such entities.

Not only are CAD patients dealing with a rare disease.  Many are dealing with other related secondary or primary serious diseases.  All of which varies in severity from CAD to CAD.  Each CAD is unique.  Many even differing from one CAD to the next.  Symptoms and reactions, as well as current treatments, all differ.

At this point in time, the USA.  They are just getting emergency approval to vaccinate for Covid.  This morning on the news distribution to some states has begun.

Information on side affects and even when a patient may be in the rotation to be vaccinated, is rather vague still.

Be sure you seek your information from the Dr that is treating you for CAD, the Dr that knows your history, complications, and treatments.  All things that may need to be considered.  Please do not follow the recommendations you may see posted on social media.