COVID Treatments

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* Masks, social distancing, and proper hygiene, are your first line of defense.
* Proper recommended doses and boosters of vaccine create antibodies
* Long Acting Antibodies may be needed in those not not creating antibodies

Vaccines depend on the body to create an immune response, then produce needed antibodies.

Lab made Antibodies are long lasting and act as a substitute for vaccine stimulated and immune system produced antibodies.    Especially when a patients own immune system is unable to mount a immune response to a vaccination.

These lab made antibodies can either be produced to enhance, or mimic, an immune system response.

What are Monoclonal Antibodies?
Monoclonal Antibodies are lab created antibodies. Clones of specific and unique white blood cells.  All clones can be traced back to the original cell.  They bind to only one epitope.  The epitope is a specific part of an Antigen (foreign invader), that the cloned antibody recognizes.

Many CADs are already familiar with Monoclonal Antibodies whether they realize it or not.  Having either been prescribed, or have had them recommended as an attempted treatment for CAD.   If you are familiar with Rituxan a.k.a Rituximab, then you are already familiar with this technology or at least a product that is cloned antibodies.

Rituxan is a Monoclonal Antibody.  Its initial approval was 1997.  It was the top selling Oncology drug for close to a decade.  Reaching $8.58 Billion in 2016.

Unlike a Polyclonal Antibody.  A Polyclonal Antibody will bind to  multiple epitopes.

Covid Monoclonal Antibodies are used to treat newly infected Covid cases, as well as a preventative (Prophylactic) pre-Covid infection, for those with poor immune systems.

Sotrovimab – Has been shown effective against the latest Covid variant Omicron.  This is a Monoclonal Antibody.

Pfizer COVID-19 pill

Merck COVID-19 pill

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