Human Anti-Murine (Mouse) Antibody Test

CADs who have had a reaction to Rituxan/Rituximab or other monoclonal antibodies given by infusion.  May have previously developed antibodies against a component of the treatment itself.  Some describe it like an allergic reaction of sorts.

Various sources indicate up to one-third, to one-half of those treated with Monoclonal Antibodies, will develop some form of a HAMA response.

Note: Monoclonal Antibodies are often “grown” outside the body in a lab, then injected to aid a patients immune system.  For decades mice have been used extensively in the production of monoclonal antibodies. 

Other medical agents and serums are often produced using mice or other animals.  So it is conceivable you may have created some antibodies already.

A HAMA Test can help determine whether you have developed antibodies against the murine-derived antibodies, (Human Anti-Mouse Antibody HAMA), or not.  So that you know you are able to safely receive, or continue to receive additional infusions, without incident.

It would be wise to insist on this test prior to being treated with Rituximab/Rituxin initially.  So that you have an established baseline test result as a reference prior to any infusion.