ITCHY SKIN (CAD related)

Some CADs don’t experience itching.  Others do.

Some CADs have been told by their doctors, that lymph cells (involved in CAD responses) release cytokines.

This release by the immune system, can cause irritation of the nerves of the skin.  Thus causing skin itching, among other symptoms.

If the often used “over the counter” (OTC), or prescription Antihistamine creams, seem ineffective for your itch relief.  Be sure to discuss this with your doctor so you can try another approach.

Kenalog Cream (in the US), (Generic name: Triamcinolone Cream/Ointment or Triamcinolone Acetonide), a Corticosteroid (Steroid), has been prescribed and used by some CADs that report successful reduction of their itching.