T Cells

We encourage those with knowledge, or reference material, that relates to T Cells, Blood Test name(s) and interpretation, and their meaning in conjunction with Covid Immunity after Vaccination (or lack of Immunity).  To please help us build info here in Layman’s terms.

Some people, and some research articles, are suggesting that when the SARS COVID 2 AB (IGG) SPIKE, SEMI QUANTITATIVE blood test fails to register any antibodies.  That might not necessarily prove a Patient does not have any defenses after Covid vaccinations?   So if that is the case, how does one go on to further test when the SARS COVID 2 AB (IGG) SPIKE, SEMI QUANTITATIVE does come back negative?

In the USA this SARS COVID 2 Antibody Test is available as a blood test at most common blood testing facilities.  Through a doctor blood draw order, this test is often covered under most insurance and medicare.  You can actually request it yourself directly (no doctor order) and pay for the test out of pocket which is around US$70.

Research into trying to answer this for CADs and other Immune suppressed individuals, is suggesting that though no antibodies are detected with the SARS COVID IgG test.   A T-Cell response might also be triggered via the vaccination(s), and thus be detectable?

Sifting through articles we find this suggested.  Unfortunately we have yet to find any specific test name to have run, that is directly related to proving COVID defenses might have been triggered or not, after being vaccinated.  At this point (December 2021) this all appears to be speculative, or research scientists thinking out loud or being quoted.

We are seeing articles related to HIV and some relationship to tests, and parameters (“Normal” Range) for healthy patients.  But it is unknown to us if this test or parameters have anything to do with Covid Vaccine validation.  This test is a CD4/CD8 test and runs US$400-500 if not authorized by insurance.

So what follows are our accumulation of notes/thoughts as we attempt to get answers.  We hope to lay this out in some simple understandable format once more is known.


 T-Cells are White Blood Cells that are the core of your immune system.  There are actually 4 types:

CD8 T-Cells Killer Cells.  Their function is to destroy cells that contain a virus, bacteria, or other pathogens.

CD4 T-Cells Helper Cells.  The stimulate the Immune Response

Suppressor T-Cells.  They turn off the Immune Response when the threat is over.

Memory T-Cells.  They remember the threat and trigger a response if the same threat returns.

T-Cell Tests

CD4/CD8 Test is one of the Blood tests used to monitor your immune system.  It compares the portion of CD4 T-Cells (Helper Cells), to the CD8 T Cells (Killer Cells).   We cant find anything to confirm this would validate a Covid Vaccination one way or the other.

T-Detect Covid Test may aid in identifying an adaptive T-Cell response to SARS-COVID-2.   Though, without reading anything into the FDA posted info.  There seems to be no reference for using it to validate a vaccine response?  It seems written from an “actual Infection” point of view only?  For use when patients exhibit Covid symptoms, yet did not test positive using Molecular or Antigen Diagnostic Tests, (PCR Tests).

The FDA approved Adaptive Biotechnologies T-Detect Covid Test, March 5, 2021.  As with many things Covid.  This was approved for emergency use.