TITER in its most simplist definition.  Is a measurement of dilution represented by the ratio of dilution.  In the case of blood or serum, diluting it with saline.

For an example; diluting 1 part of blood with 32 parts of saline would equal a TITER of 1:32

In the case of testing the TITER of a CAD, the lab techs watch for clumping and at what ratio of dilution it occurs.

Samples that indicate a Titer of 1:32 or less are nondiagnositic [Negative], but do not necessarily exclude a diagnosis.

Any result above 1:32 is considered “Positive”.

Those with Cold Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia are usually in the TITER range of 1:1,024 to 1:512,000

Also See Cold Hemagglutinins

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