Last edit 12/11/2020

We require that any Medical Research Group, Organization, or Individual representing such entities.  First ask our permission before posting in our social media groups.

In all cases the following information must be on file first.  Wait for our reply with permission.  Without such preliminary info provide and listed for public viewing,  we delete and block entities or members posting such information.

Be aware this applies to members as well.  If you are creating posts about Surveys that have no reference to an entity listed in our Survey Contact information list.  Make sure the Medical group or entity is first added to our list, and that you reference that name in any of your posts.   Failure to do so may get you removed and blocked from our social media groups such as Facebook.

See our known list:
Medical Researcher Contact Information List

The below information will be posted in a public document all members can access.

Purpose of your post. i.e. Medical Research, Member/Patient Survey, etc.
Your personal information
Your full name:
Your telephone number:
Your email address:
Your Facebook Profile full Link:

Business Information
Business Name you are under or represent:
Full Name of CEO/Director/etc: Name & Title:
Business Telephone:
Business Website:
Business Email:
Business Mailing Address:
Business Facebook Link:

Your sponsor Information.  If the same as above, repeat the info.  Do not leave blank.
Sponsor Name you are under or represent:
Full Name of Sponsor CEO/Director/etc: Name & Title:
Sponsor Telephone:
Sponsor Website:
Sponsor Email:
Sponsor Mailing Address:
Sponsor Facebook Link:

Privacy Policy
Provide a copy of how you protect an individuals privacy concerning any information they may divulge to you.  (i.e. Your Official Privacy Policy)

Email your info to and

To All concerned. Members as well as Medical Providers/Researchers. Our Facebook Group acceptance or list of such information in no way indicates the legitimacy of any posts by members, or these interviewers. We collect this information only to track any member complaints. We will remove and block any medical entity interviewer/member that starts having complaints filed against them.

Members:  Be aware scams are very possible. At anytime you feel uncomfortable with a contact, you begin getting asked for personal financial information, or have a general complaint against any in our list, please contact the Admins.

Members:  At all times protect your personal information and personal security. Providing medical information to third parties is totally at your own risk. We do not assume or accept any risk you may incur. Information given freely may circumvent any HEPA law Patient Protection (or what ever applies in any country).  Giving such info may impact such things as your insurance, finances, etc.  At no time give any personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.

Responding to such member posts or interviewers is totally at your own risk.