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All Medical Research/Survey/Medical Trials/etc entities must submit a completed questionnaire to our email address for approval to post on our Facebook Group.  Please contact us for our questionnaire.

This applies to members posting third party info, posts, recommendations, etc.  These entities must be appearing on our list first.

Find our questionnaire and instructions at the following link.  Type out the information requested.  Then email the info to the email provided.  Medical Research Survey Contact Information Questionnaire

To all of our members.  To list or reference a trial/survey you may be involved in personally.   Be sure that entity is in our below list,  before posting on our social media.  Failure to do so may get you banned/blocked without notice.

In no manner, are you allowed to share our Facebook media members names, info, etc. with such entities.  Found or suspected of doing so, will get you banned and blocked from our social media group(s), Facebook Groups, etc.

Members Beware!  We in no way truly vet the credentials of any organization or individual.  Not in a sense they are truly legit.  That responsibility rests solely on you, the member.  Any contact you make, information you share, is totally and completely at your own risk. Scammers do exist.  They all appear legit!

We are providing what background info we can about the contact. That may be factual or not. Be sure to check them out to your own satisfaction before sharing personal or confidential medical information.

AT NO TIME PAY OR SEND THEM MONEY!  There are all kinds of scams where you are sent a check in an incorrect amount, etc.  As soon as you deposit the check, the scammer contacts you for a refund via a money order etc.  In the mean time you find their check bounces.  You will be out that money!

We do not share any member information with any of these entities.  Nothing like your email address, contact info, etc.  If you have anyone contacting you indicating we sent them to you…. suspect a scam.  We do not share, sell, trade, give access, or give out any information, to anyone.

You may contact them directly if you feel compelled to do so.

Their info is posted here only as source information.  Once posted here you may see them post on our related social media.  They will also be able to interact with you if you allow them to.

If you suspect a scam, they don’t meet their promises, or you feel uncomfortable in any way. Please report that to an Admin of this website.   That complaint/your name, is kept confidential.  Document anything you wish to pass on. We may or may not block the contact at that time.  But we do have zero tolerance.  Complaints will get the entity removed from the below list.

Deletion and Blocking is done without explanation or notice.

If you are contacted by someone not listed.  Or recommended to an entity not listed.  Through either our website, or Facebook Group.  That should be an immediate red flag to you.

The following contacts are in order by the date we receive them.

Amanda Willis
Pinpoint Patient Recruiting

Purpose of post: The purpose of the post is to share an invitation for patients with CAD to share their personal experience and perspectives in a market research study through an online survey and 60-minute telephone interviews. This research is specifically being conducted for a sponsor by Fulcrum Research Group.

Amanda Willis
Facebook Profile  Amanda Willis, Co-Founder/Managing Partner
Business Telephone: 704-608-8776
Business Website:
Business Email:
Mailing Address:
1204 Village Market Place Suite 291
Morrisville, NC 27560
Business Facebook:
We take personal information very seriously and store all information securely. We do not solicit to people or share contact information with other organizations. We only contact people when they have expressed interest in a study or have indicated they would be interested in hearing about future studies they may qualify for. If an individual participates in a study, their personal identifying information is not shared with the research company or sponsor. Depending on the study, it may be necessary to share a first name and last initial. Participants are always explained the nature of the research and asked to give consent to participate in the specific ways that a study may be collecting information (telephone, online survey etc.). We are happy to answer any additional questions related to privacy and our procedures.

Amanda Willis

Pinpoint Patient Recruiting

Kathy Devanny
Mailing address:
304 Bulifants Blvd, suite 2
Williamsburg VA 23185

Phone: 757-707-7842

I am a medical anthropologist with the rare disease news site PatientWorthy. I confess, that I had never heard of CAD until I was contacted this morning with a request to interview about 10 people with this condition. Google brought me to you. I would love to set up a conference call to see if you would 1) be willing to help PatientWorthy cover this topic, and 2) see if you might be interested in being connected to the interview request.

Our terms of use and privacy policy are on our website.
Kathryn Devanny, MA, MPH
HCP and Advocacy Relations
M: 757.707.7842
Patient Worthy ®

Patient Connect

My name is Shannon Coates-Layne and I’m with Patient Connect, we’re conducting a study in the United States that would like to interview 10 CAD patients. We would like to better understand your emotional journey as a CAD patient with your daily activities. The trials you experience with your condition, along with your current and past treatment plan. Our goal is to better understand how CAD patients could be supported or where there is any unmet need. Participation would involve a week long homework assignment that could be completed on your mobile phone or computer and then a 60 minute web-based interview. Participants would receive $175 for the homework and $125 for the interview ($300). If anyone is available to participate in person, we would be interested to know your city and state.

Volunteering your voice and experience would help advocate for others CAD patients. If this is something you are interested in, please call me to go over a few preliminary questions to see if you qualify: (760) 659-6424 (PST) or email
Personal information:
Your full name: Shannon Coates-Layne
Your telephone number: Office: 760 659 6424 and my cell is 571 263 0447 (PST)
Your email address:
Your Facebook Profile full Link: Information
Business Name you are under or represent: Patient Connect and for this study my sponsor is Research Partnership
Full Name of CEO/Director/ Shannon Coates-Layne – Founder
Business Telephone: 760 659 6424
Business Website:
Business Mailing Address: 825 College Blvd, Suite 102-PMB 416, Oceanside, CA 92057
Business Facebook Link:
My privacy policy can be found on my website:

All patients are identifying information is guarded with me, my sponsor would only have a first name or initials to conduct the interview unless consent is obtain from the patient.



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