We have been working on a flow chart that many were wishing they had, way back at the beginning of their CAD journey.

With lots of input we have come up with a basic flow based on current treatment plans CADs seem to encounter.  This is geared mostly for a “Primary CAD” diagnosis.

We don’t expect the ending treatment plans to remain static.  As research in the medical field continues, changes will always be fluid.  Please update us when and if you ever run into new “approved” treatment plans.

We don’t intend to list clinical trial, or experimental treatments.   Just a jump off point for that possibility.

Our thought is to also create as similar “Yes” “No” flow chart just for the diagnostic portion to confirm CAD, or Not CAD.  Also all the steps to get a confirmation of “Primary” or “Secondary”.  Things like all the specific blood tests, Bone Marrow Biopsies, and any type of Scans being done.

Please email us any diagnostic flow you might know.  We are hoping to crowd source some rough but common flows for that as  well.  Like; how did you get from finding out you have abnormal Agglutinin levels?  Or a low Hemoglobin level, that triggered all your testing.

Then to the Doc’s telling you that you are “Primary CAD”.  Or when they tell you it is “Secondary CAD” and perhaps another branch of testing is required?

Until we know more.  Please let us know if this chart seems to apply?  Or send us info we can review and make adjustments.  As always, Thank You in advance!



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